Saturday, July 27, 2013

With Complete Love and Concern.

A heart filled, loving message from Aaron Tunell to his friend Danny. It is a loving, truthful message to all Mormons. I needed to share it with anyone who is willing to take the time to read. Mormon and Non-Mormon alike. Thank you for your permission Aaron.
"Let me see if I can help you see where I am coming from as an Ex-Mormon who appears to you to be having some kind of schizoid panic attack about nothing. (which the 2011 Aaron would have thought also ) I hope you'll slog through what I'm about to say even though it's kinda long. And please think about it coming from someone who you once knew and trusted as a friend and confidant rather than as the lovable idiot Bobby Boucher.

Imagine you want to take your family to an amazing theme park resort. You've heard a lot about Disney World on TV and your friends have talked about it a lot, so you decide to drive down to Florida to stay there for a couple of weeks. You arrive to Florida only to be confused because there are 50 theme parks all lined up that all say "DisneyWorld" on the front. They all have a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front, but 47 of them all share placards on the front that say "Confirmed Mousketeer Park. Some Peripheral Rides May Vary, But the Core Park is Identical"

Most of these 47 parks are very small and unassuming, and in fact don't look super amazing or super fun. They only have a couple of rides that can even be seen over the top of the wall.

Now of the other 3 parks, one of them towers above the others in an amazing spectacle of fun and amazement. The front doors are beautiful, and there are hundreds of happy looking people inside, and people going in by the thousands. It is perhaps the most beautifully constructed theme park ever designed. It has it's own placard that says "The REAL Disneyland" but there is no Mousketeer placard on the front. This MUST be the real disneyland because it is so amazing. It has many things that are lovely, praiseworthy, and of good report. Obviously you want the best for your family so you decide to go to this disneyland, even though the mouse on the sign above is slightly different than the others (the others must be wrong). Perhaps it has a mustache or 5 fingers instead of 4. It doesn't matter, it's still Mickey, right?

You get inside and have an amazing time with your family and friends who are all there too. You go on rides together and have an amazing time playing, relaxing, and doing all the THINGS that theme park visitors do. And the most amazing part? At the end of the trip, everybody who hasn't left early gets to go through the big doors in the back to the largest and most exhilirating ride in the entire park. It's going to be the high point of the entire trip, Hooray!!!

One night, you're out after dark getting a churro and you walk past a crack in the wall by the back door and look through. Instead of seeing a fabulous roller-coaster, you see a giant filthy rat sitting on a towering pile of corpses. Each corpse has a frozen grimace of shock and horror on its face, limbs twisted and broken and mouths gaping. You retch inwardly, telling yourself over and over "This can't be real, This can't be real.... This is the TRUE Disney World!"

You run back to your hotel room to warn your family, and as you're going you start to notice a lot of alarming things you hadn't seen before. You notice black smoke coming from a chimney near the back door where the corpses are being burned, you notice more and more of the details on that Mickey Mouse sign that are slightly different from the ones on the "Confirmed Mousketeer Parks"... In fact, every direction you look there's something ugly being covered up by a conveniently placed sign, or being plastered over with a fresh coat of paint. Once the rose-colored glasses have come off, you see the signs EVERYWHERE. How could you have missed it?

When you get back to your room, your wife and friends say:
"How could such a beautiful theme park with a picture of Mickey on the front be bad?"
"This Mickey is the same one, it's just more complete than the other Mickeys"
"You're overreacting, and just being 'Anti-Tourist'"
"Every other theme park has chipped paint too"
"If this theme park is bad, then all theme parks are bad"
"The other theme parks don't have as many rides"
"If you leave the park, you can't go through the beautiful back door with us."
"The staff says this is the only real park"
"The staff would never lie"

Would you walk away quietly while your friends and family walk casually through the back door, confident they are in the REAL Disneyland?
Would you just shut up?
Would you play nicey-nice and pretend all of the disneylands were the same?

Hell no.

I see my friends walking excitedly through the back doors, high fiving and slapping each other on the back, ecstatic to be at the REAL Disneyland. All around them are the signs that you could see plainly but they don't want to look! And when you frantically point and scream, they call you a troublemaker. And add to that the Staff who is constantly telling people about how awesome the park is and that people like you are just hateful and jealous.

A lot of Mormons want us to just walk away quietly and "stop attacking the church" when we start to see all this stuff. But this is how I see myself, Danny. Horrified and what is happening.
This stuff is real, Danny. I believe God is real, Jesus is real, and hell is real. You think I'm going to let this continue?

Every denomination has issues, I agree, Danny. But NO TRUE CHRISTIAN will tell you that their church saves you. They will ALL tell you that it is their direct saving relationship with Christ. 100% Grace 0% works and ordinances (contrary to Article of Faith 3)
This is taught in all 47 of the "Confirmed Mousketeer Theme Parks", but it is not taught in the so-called "Real Park"

I'm telling you, Danny. I believe this is important. And Mormonism has 72,000 missionaries out there knocking on the doors of Bible-Believing, Traditional Christians. What would YOU do?" 

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