Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why I'm not comfortable with anyone being a Mormon.

Recently, a 10 year friendship was very hurt over my blunt honesty. She couldn't be friends with someone who wasn't comfortable with her being Mormon. She didn't want to read any of my "Anti Mormon Propaganda" so how else am I suppose to tell her why? (Anti Mormon Propaganda = Anything that isn't "Church Approved" material)

Truthfully. I am not comfortable with ANYONE being Mormon. Not just her. I wish she would have been more open and willing to discuss it but she put on the usual close minded Mormon facade, said she was happy I was happy and chose to be extremely hurt. Can I accept her as a Person? Absolutely!! But being comfortable, sorry. I am not only being honest with her, but also to myself. I can't be comfortable, which is what she asked me to be.  

She, in a sense, may as well tell me I need to be comfortable with someone being gay, or a child molester. That will never happen. Can I accept them as people who are misguided or made mistakes? Absolutely! Just like my acceptance with someone being Mormon and misguided. I would hope I would be afforded the same courtesy for my sins and mistakes. I have friends who aren't "comfortable" with me being a total "Jesus Freak" but they still love and accept me, as a person.

Another thing she brought up was she feels personally attacked when I point out bad doctrine about the Mormon Church. She stated that's who she is. She is Mormon. She is the doctrine. No... The LDS church is a Corporation and cannot be a person. If the LDS church were to one day be null and void, would that make her null and void? No.. Because she is an individual. A beautiful creation of God. She is singular.. Not physically woven into the Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You cannot share your identity with a corporation.

At times in the conversation I was silent. I wanted to tell her the truth of her words but was restrained. Other times I wanted to lash back at her, as she was lashing out at me but the verse in James kept coming to mind. "...everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry," I'm sure she took it another way but I could not speak without it, in some form or another, hurting her or cause her to yell at me.

I've felt this friendship might never have been built on trust and honesty but more of a "tickling of the ears", feel good to be around, relationship. I knew I would be putting our friendship in jeopardy by being honest but I had hoped my complete honesty would have been taken better then she took it. Hopefully time will help heal the hurt and bring some light on things. If what I said really bothered her enough, I hope she takes the time to look into the reasons why.

Here are the reasons why I feel this way. It has nothing to do with the people but the doctrine and message the LDS church teaches and sends.

#1. It's built upon lies. They have white washed their history and provide a wide array of propaganda materials and videos to twist and distort the true Gospel in the bible. They put it to heart felt music and use Christian terminology with twisted meanings. They tell their followers to only use "church approved" materials for teaching and studying. Those materials constantly change. They send messages of fear, worded so sweetly, to coerce the members to stay away from anything not "church approved" to keep them ignorant of their true history. In most of their messages it's not what they say that sends the most powerful message but what isn't said. What is always being implied.  

#2 Their Temple endowment was stolen from the Masons by Joseph Smith. The symbols the endowed members wear are of the occult and keep them spiritually blinded as they wear them. In the Temple they covenant to wear the garment, day and night and never remove them. Satan is with Adam and Eve in the "loan and dreary world" and he threatens the patrons, before he's cast out by Peter, before they make any of the covenants. He says " If they do not walk up to every covenant they make at these altars in this temple this day, they will be in my power! " I truly believe they are under his power by wearing occult symbolism day and night. Before 1990 The penalties for braking any of the covenants were some pretty gruesome and explicate ways their life would be taken. Brian and I experienced them in 1994 in the Polygamy Endowment. Polygamists hold to the old ways the Mormons use to do things without changing them to fit the comfort level of it's members.

These are some things that we noticed were missing between the Polygamist endowment and the LDS endowment:
1. Protestant minister paid by Lucifer to preach false doctrine was eliminated.
2. All penalties (and gestures like throat slashing, chest slashing and bowel slashing) were eliminated.
3. Women's promise to be obedient to husbands was modified.
4. The intimate position at the veil (foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, hand on shoulder and mouth to ear) was eliminated. (5 Points of fellowship)
5. The strange words "Pay Lay Ale" (meaning "Oh God hear the words of my mouth") were eliminated.

Since then, other changes have been made in the "washing and anointing" session and sitting and standing ritual during the endowment. All changes were made to make the patrons feel more "comfortable". Does God change to fit everyone's comfort level? Would he ever require something that would have to change because of a cultural difference, comfort level or physical ability?

#3 Temple Symbolism. The symbols on the Temples are of an occult origin and have also been stolen.. Or perhaps they are where they should be considering the different gospel according to Paul. Many excuses have been made from "Satan stole it from God" to "They were on Solomon's Temple". One must also consider that Joseph joined the Freemasons along with Sidney Rigdon Tuesday, March 15, 1842. The Mormon involvement in Freemasonry reached its heights during the early 1840's in Nauvoo. The Mormon Endowment was introduced around 1 month after they joined Masonry. Before then there were no Masonic symbols/rituals anywhere in Mormonism.  

Study the symbols on the temple and then study their original origins then you decide their true meanings.

#4 They preach a different Gospel then one in the bible. What is the gospel preached in the bible? Do you know your gospel? Is it simple enough for a child to understand?

...There are more but I will stop there.

Why would I be okay with someone being involved in something so twisted and full of lies?  Or someone who is living a lifestyle that is specifically spoken of as being an abomination (Homosexuality) in God's word, the Bible.  I'm not and I never will be comfortable having my Mormon Friends and family being lied to. If it's not from God and his word then where is it from? Who is the Father of all lies? I will always love Mormons/Polygamists and I understand why they don't see the truth. I was in their shoes for 36 years! I pray daily that God would remove the scales from their eyes and allow them to see. Give them the drive to look and study things out for themselves. See the simple truths of the true gospel and one day, find Jesus. The True biblical Jesus. Not Satan's Brother and their Brother. The true Jesus. God who came down in the flesh and died for your sins and mine. Who offers the free gift of Grace. Not of works. If you work for Grace it's no longer a free gift and no longer Grace.

I would rather be hated for telling the truth then loved for telling a lie. Don't expect me to comfort you with a lie.

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