Saturday, January 1, 2011

Elder Wirthlin

The day finally came for us 2 months later. We were asked to go and meet with one of the 12 apostles. We are actually going to go and speak with one of the 12 who will then decide if we will be approved to be baptized. It was Elder Wirthlin. Brian and I went to the building and waited in his receptionists room. The spirit in that room... in that building was wonderful. We basked in it!!

I was called to go into his office first. He motioned for me to sit in the chair and he went straight to the point and asked me "Why do you want to join the church?" Between the spirit in his office and the words that leaped my lips, I could not hold back the flood of emotions and tears! My answer? "Because the church is TRUE! I can't deny that, or will I ever deny it!" I was sobbing almost uncontrolled when he said. Good Answer! He shook my hand and said. "What an honor to have such a strong testimony! Welcome to the Church!" He escorted me out and motioned for Brian to enter.

While I was in the office Brian was talking to the receptionist. He asked if she was aware of the spirit in his office. She nodded and he asked if she ever gets use to it. She said that she guesses she does.

We left the offices totally on cloud 9! We then set our baptism date for June 3rd 1998.


Update 11-9-12
A man, being chosen to decide whether or not we can be forgiven of our Sins and be baptized and become members of a church. I guess it makes sense because it is the church of Men... If it truly was Jesus Christs Church then Jesus would decide. 

Patience and Perseverance.

Our papers were placed on the desk of an apostle who was out of the country. Elder Wirthlin was in charge of all members wanting to join the church from backgrounds like ours. Becky W. called to try to find out our status as it was taking a very long time. Brian and I waited patiently.

We were attending church, loving the companionship and support from everyone. I was compiling a binder with all of the information I had found that helped me see the truth. Scripture references, Talks from both sides, letters as well as church archive time lines. It helped pass the time as well as helped me help my sister, Misty, and all of her questions.

The day told my family we were joining the church my sis had so many questions. She was so full of anger and resentment toward me and Brian. I don't know what mom was telling her about us but it couldn't have been good. I finally told her that I wasn't going to talk to her about any of it till she prayed for peace and understanding. The spirit of contention was so thick she wasn't going to listen to anything I told her. 3 days later she came over and told me she prayed and wanted to know what I know. Something told her she needed to join the church as well. She slowly came to the truth and joined the church. It was a long hard road for her. The church has a policy that requires the person being baptized to not be living with a parent with the background of ours. She was still living with mom at the young age of 14, wanted to be baptized more then anything and not being able to be. She hung though, stayed firm in her faith, went to church every week as well as all of her young women meetings and was finally given the yes to be baptized at 17 years old. What a wonderful day that was!!