Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Telling the family

We called Mom over to announce that we were joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mom, Misty (Youngest sister from another father), Jason (Youngest Brother from another father) and Mark (Youngest brother from my Same father) attended. Mom didn't take it really well. In her mind, Brian and I were apostatizing. Misty was really confused and asked question after question.. But we will go into her story later.

I thought Mom was going to have a heart attack right there. She started rambling things off about how could we do such things. How she didn't teach her children right... etc... It wasn't till about a week later that she called to let us know that she prayed about us and said that she was given a confirmation that the Church is where Brian and I needed to be, at this time, to learn the "Fundamental Principles of the gospel" and then we would again Rejoin the "Priesthood" again. I didn't want to argue with her so we left it at that. We had no intentions of leaving to go back. Not with the knowledge and truths God had given us.

I don't remember how Brian's Mother (Who was still living in our basement at the time) took it. But Her Daughters Mary and Becky had already joined the church. Now it was Brian and I. We didn't tell many others because of what we saw Becky and Sam go though. We didn't wish to become targets in any way!

Missionaries, Church and Stake President!

We knew what we needed to do next! How do you get a hold of the missionaries? We are ready to start our conversion process! We started to go to church the next Sunday and started flying through the missionary discussions! Lesson on top of lesson! We had questions that they couldn't answer but were willing to find them with us.

We were raised to not partake of the Sacrament till you were baptized... so I was NOT going to partake till I was able to be baptized. That first Sunday came and I didn't partake. I watched Mothers give it to their children. Children not of age yet partake.. but I didn't and felt so very empty. That week I prayed, studied and asked questions. The next Sunday came around, I still had not been given an answer. I prayed about what I should do. When the bread came to me, it was a leap of faith. I Partook and was filled with so much warmth! It was the right thing! I had never felt this way after partaking. It was a new WONDERFUL feeling! Later that Sunday, a scripture that Christ said in Mathew 19:14 became even more clear in my mind and heart! "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Why would he not permit the most precious and pure of us all to partake of his ordinances?

We talked with our bishop and asked questions he couldn't answer so he sent us to the Stake President. Some of those questions were about blacks and the priesthood, the garments that were given to us and the protection they provided, Authority, Adam God Doctrine/Theory.. and so much more! Not every question was answered that left peace and understanding. 

We were now preparing to join the church! The papers had been filled out in March and we were ready to be baptized! We still had a long wait ahead of us!


Update 11-9-12
Here it is, yet again. Warmth followed by no clear knowledgeable answer.

The drive home

We stayed and talked with Becky W and her Husband for a little over an hour. We then headed home.

All the way home we talked about the church and what we needed to do next. In "The Group" we were given a garment to wear day and night. Brian has had some spiritual and Physical blessings connect to that piece of clothing. It has protected him physically from harm, more then once. How could those covenants he made to Heavenly Father be void and how could that garment that he now wore be untrue? It DID Protect him!

When we got home we put the 2 younger children to bed and talked more. The questions were what do we do with the garments we were given? We made covenants and were not about to brake them! I had already resolved in my mind what I needed to do.. But I wasn't going to do it alone. We needed to do this together! As Husband and Wife! He would go into the bedroom to pray for an answer and would then come out with nothing. He did this 3 times. I felt to say. "Sweetheart? Have you not been given the answer already today? You know where the authority is, right? Were we then not given this garment without the proper authority?" It was a leap of faith for him. He took off this garments and immediately felt at peace!

I can't even describe the joy, support, love and understand that came over me knowing we were now on the same path together! Not all of our questions were answered, yet, but we knew what was right, in our hearts!


Update 11-9-12
.....and all of our questions would NEVER get answered... until we realized where the truth actually was!